Commercial Trash Compactor Services

The Problem

Most companies do not utilize all of the volume in their open top dumpsters. Leaving businesses paying for air as opposed to trash. Trashpac compacts your trash, allowing for an average of 50% more utilization of your dumpsters! Why are you paying for air?

The Solution

Trashpac is a mobile trash compaction service for your large open top roll off dumpsters. Our service compacts almost every material to help you maximize the capacity of your dumpster. Our steel drum roller moves inside your dumpster compressing and grinding your trash. Though our service you will see a 40-60% compaction of your trash, allowing you to utilize more of the dumpster and reduce pull frequency.


Simply put, Trashpac reduces the amount of times you need hauling services. The fewer bins you haul, the less money you spend.

Prices vary by market and volume.
Variables that feed into our pricing structure are the number of dumpsters and sites. We guide you with a savings model that utilizes inputs you provide (your haul rates, number of dumpsters, current haul frequency, and waste type).

Download "How to Find Cash in Your Dumpster"

If you look hard enough, you might find actual cash in your trash, but that’s not what we really mean when we say that you can find cash in your dumpsters. We’re talking about the true cost of your waste management.